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Universal ECO Ultra Engine Oil

eco_ultra_logoEco Ultra Synthetic Oil is blended with the highest quality synthesized base stocks and contains a special blend of additives that keep engines clean of harmful carbon deposits, varnishes and resins. Eco Ultra Synthetic also protects engines from sludge, rust and acid build-up. Eco Oil performs efficiently in gasoline engines and meets and exceeds OEM warranty requirements of all major auto manufacturers.

Q. What is re-fined oil?

A. Re-fined oil uses a post-consumer feedstock instead of a crude oil feedstock. Post consumer oil goes through a hydro treating process to create a re-fined base oil. This process is very similar to the refining process used for crude oil. The re-fined base oil is then blended with new additives to create ECO Ultra Oils.

Q. Are ECO Ultra Oils as high quality as major brands?

A. Yes. Eco Ultra Oils must meet the same standards as virgin oils. The American Petrolium Institute (API) only licenses products that meet these standards and are identified with the API starburst and dounut symbol on the bottle or package. ECO Ultra Oils meet the latest API SM and ILSAC GF-4 specifications.

Q. Is ECO Ultra Oil ok to use in my automobile?

A. Yes. You can achieve the same level of performance from re-fined oil as you can from virgin oil.

Q. Will ECO Ultra Oil affect my vehicle’s warranty?

A. No. ECO Ultra Oil meets and exceeds OEM service requirements specified by automobile manufacturers. The OEM warranty will be supported by using oils which comply to these service requirements.

Q. Can one ECO Ultra Oil change reduce America’s dependency on foreign oil?

A. Yes. Based on API licensed standards for 5W30 motor oil and historical refinery output figures, one 5W30 oil change using 4 quarts of ECO Ultra Oil would reduce foreign oil dependency by two barrels of crude.